Ryan Gartrell

Ryan ended up in the recovery field as a direct result of his own struggles and life experience with addiction. After 11 years of on and off sobriety, filled with a variety of rehab stints, legal troubles, and the rest of the gambit that tends to run with a severe opiate addiction, Ryan decided the best way to turn his life experience in to something positive was to get involved in helping others.

Ryan started off in the industry as a tech at a sober living, which later became a licensed residential mental health facility. After six months, he became the tech supervisor, overseeing all of the daily responsibilities of the support staff. After taking it upon himself to learn the accreditation process of the Joint Commission, he moved into the operations manager position. This role granted him access to every facet of the business, which led to a wealth of industry knowledge early on in his journey as a professional in the treatment industry.

After about two years with that program, Ryan resigned to do case management with a psychiatrist in Beverly Hills.

Following this was a period of time that Ryan spent contemplating whether he wanted to continue to work in the field. After seeing a certain side of the industry, it was hard for him to envision being involved to the extent he was.

During a conversation with a mentor of his, it was said that if he, or the others who felt the same way, were to leave the field, “who would be left?” Ryan couldn’t live with the idea of allowing the system to extort or compromise the people or families it is meant to support. So he took another job.

Ryan has served as the Director of Business Development for LifeSync Malibu Healing Center. This position has allowed Ryan to meet with interventionists, rehabs, hospitals, therapists and psychiatrists all over the country. As a result, he has learned that there is a lot behind the curtain that people aren’t aware of, and unfortunately, people don’t always end up in the most appropriate hands.

This has developed a sincere passion to help families and other professionals find the best help available.

“There is nothing more gratifying than to step in the middle and know that I am helping someone avoid getting caught up in the mysterious dark side of the industry that so many people reaching out for help immediately aren’t aware of.”






All donations to The Light Fund will be allocated to performing one of two functions. These divisions are compensating staff for their support in screening and placing individuals seeking assistance, and of course funding the full or partial cost of treatment for the people we help.

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