Michael Lozovik

Michael has been working in the recovery field since 2008. Struggling with addiction and subsequent incarceration in his early youth, he started his journey in recovery at the age of 22 at a non profit in Culver City. Wanting to give back to the community that gave him so much he went on to working at the same non-profit that gave him a chance. While there were still setbacks to come, Michael has continued dedicating his life to helping those most in need. He has worked in every facet of recovery including residential treatment, outpatient aftercare, and operating supportive sober housing post treatment.

Michael brings a dedication and focus that comes from having endured the worst of what addiction has to offer and come out on the other side. This experience continues to fuel a passion for his work and act as common ground to connect with those he seeks to help.

Having lost his own younger sister to a drug overdose in 2010, he has a special connection to a project we all hope can make a difference in our communities and in our families.






All donations to The Light Fund will be allocated to performing one of two functions. These divisions are compensating staff for their support in screening and placing individuals seeking assistance, and of course funding the full or partial cost of treatment for the people we help.

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