Jordan Light

After beginning a struggle with drugs and alcohol as a teenager, Jordan became sober when he was 22. With few other resources, he began working in recovery with six months of sobriety. This happenstance decision would lead to many years of learning and a discovery of purpose. Starting at one shift a week, he progressed into managing a sober living home. After a few years, he moved into a position at an intensive outpatient facility in an effort to expand his knowledge and work closely with a well-respected and influential psychologist. Within three years of working in the field, Jordan gathered partners to establish a transitional living home. Working very closely with addicts, alcoholics, and people suffering from all types of diagnosis, he has been trained by participation and immense investment, coupled with an unwavering desire to see people who struggle find help and build the lives they want.

Being involved in the daily existence of other’s lives for many years’ encourages a person to find balance in their own if they choose to remain effective. That balance was tested in early 2018 when Jordan’s brother passed away. The impact and consequent result of that was a decision on his part to find a way to more broadly impact change in the recovery industry. Often the hardest moments bring about the most relevant and meaningful changes. In this case, there was an alteration of scope but the concept remains the same – it is Jordan’s intention to reach as many people as possible and provide them an opportunity that everyone deserves.






All donations to The Light Fund will be allocated to performing one of two functions. These divisions are compensating staff for their support in screening and placing individuals seeking assistance, and of course funding the full or partial cost of treatment for the people we help.

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