The Light Fund is a non-profit organization established by a group of people who lived in active addiction, have careers in recovery and seek to assist those without access to the best opportunities, a chance to realize their intentions. We do this through a considered and proprietary process that comprehensively evaluates, places and supports individuals struggling with addiction. We focus on longevity and the concept of individualized treatment. Furthermore, we act as a guide for appropriate placement to anyone seeking knowledge or assistance.

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Christian’s Story

“Peas in a pod.” I remember it being a common description of us from an age when I didn’t even know what that meant. Christian and I were inseparable. Wherever I went, he went with me. So many memories and experiences from those childhood years weave together to form what feels like its own separate life. An indescribable connection comes from something like that, like a cord between us that never wore out, and no matter how long it had been, it’s like we were never apart.

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About Us

Light Fund Process


We as a foundation are dedicated to the idea that time spent in a supportive, healthy environment directly correlates to how successful a person will be at enacting lasting change. With this ethos in mind, our intention is to enable what very few have the privilege of experiencing – long-term access to a safe and productive environment.

We work with a collection of carefully chosen and thoroughly vetted providers of aftercare programs including sober livings and outpatient facilities, as well as individual therapists and coaches to build a treatment plan that is not only effective, but also sustainable.

Our program functions on three levels. First there is an assessment conducted by a trained coordinator enlisting criteria established by a psychologist to determine admission. Following approval, a client will be admitted to one of a number of long term housing facilities, enrolled into an outpatient program and assigned an individual care manager. The final aspect is career and education assistance, coupled with personal monitoring by the Foundation for a year.

After acceptance and assignment to a program, each client will have to abide by that individual program’s stipulations. These programs are chosen for their efficacy and have been comprehensively researched in an effort to ensure they put clients first in all regards.

Furthermore, differentiating our process from many others, we utilize a host of professional life coaches, education advisors, and career liaisons to establish a network of options highly applicable to each individual in an effort to couple internal change with external progress.

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